Rawles Lumumba is an editor, author, and lover of fiction with years of professional experience in the publishing industry. She has worked extensively on both sides of the creative and editorial process, and with publishing behemoths such as HarperCollins and Houghton Mifflin. Rawles is dedicated to ensuring that every author’s voice and vision is loud and clear in their work. She specializes in Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Young Adult fiction with a focus on complex characterization and organic plot development.

She has also written extensively about representation of the marginalized in fiction, particularly along the axes of race, gender, sexuality, and their intersection. Her criticisms of popular media have been published in collections and have been cited in academic journals. Rawles is a passionate advocate of diversity in publishing who believes that stories matter and storytellers have a unique opportunity to inspire and illuminate as well as entertain.

You can find her on Twitter @rawlesmarie.